20 July 2021: Ready or not, here we go!

PracticalAntennas.com is now ready for public viewing.

We aren’t finished, of course. There are over 100 articles in the queue still to write, many of which you will see referenced in the existing pages, and I’m adding to the list faster than I am writing new pages. But there is enough content here to be useful, and you can get a sense of some of the topics that I plan to add in the future. I even managed to add some videos of important portable antenna skills (winding ropes, setting up portable masts, and throwing a rope over a tree branch).

Most of the initial content is in portable antennas, antennas for Field Day and emergency communications, NVIS operation, some theory and designs (particularly of full wave loop antennas), backpack antenna considerations, portable antenna supports (masts and trees), etc.

This is not a blog in the conventional sense. I have tried to provide a structure to find particular articles of interest, and will continue to add pages that way. The material is not time-dependent, so sequencing pages by the creation date doesn’t make sense to me. But WordPress assumes you need a blog, so I am using it to document the changes to the site as I add new material, rather than using it to hold the content itself.

Looking for a place to start? The Philosophy of Antennas will give you a good introduction to my perspective.

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