5 May 2023 – added Link Dipole article and more alternatives to knots

5 May 2023 – added Link Dipole article and more alternatives to knots. →Read more

26 March 2023: Added Beginners’ Corner, and Beginners’ Guide to NVIS

26 March 2023: added a new Beginners’ Corner, along with a Beginners’ Guide to NVIS. This is intended to help for those who aren’t yet ready for some of the more technical articles. I’ll be adding to it over time. →Read more

9 February 2023: Field Day updates

9 February 2023: A few updates to Field Day Antennas, including a new Beginner’s Guide to Field Day. →Read more

8 February 2023: updates to throwing buckets

8 February 2023: I updated the page on throwing buckets with two new photos of smaller “buckets”, and a suggested rope to use. →Read more

30 January 2023 – more NVIS updates

30 January 2023. I added some tables of expected vertical radiation angles to the NVIS page, as well as a plot of the relative signal strength pattern of a dipole overlaid on a map. →Read more

09 Jan 2023: Update to NVIS article, and more to come…

Now that we are recovering from an episode of “Real Life”, I’ve updated the main NVIS article with a discussion on effective ionosphere height, and the impact on vertical angle vs. distance. This supports some other work that is ongoing… →Read more

18 August 2022: added 4 videos on setting up a portable dipole

Added 4 videos to my “videos” page, and to the “dipole designs” index page. These videos show my typical methods of setting up portable dipoles. →Read more

Field Antenna Workshop on Saturday 13 August, 2022

On Saturday 13 August 2022, I am presenting a Field Antenna Workshop in Hillsboro, Oregon, for the Washington County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES®). Hillsboro is a western suburb of Portland, Oregon (airport code PDX). This workshop is open to others who are interested, although there may be some space limitations. If you are interested […] →Read more

13 June 2022: added Field Day Checklist, improved rope tensioner method.

Added a Field Day Checklist to the Field Day Antennas page. Added an improved method of using a traditional rope tensioner in the Alternatives to Knots page. →Read more

25 May 2020: added Field Day Wire Length Table

Added a table of wire lengths for some common antennas to the Field Day page. →Read more