29 November 2023: RF Exposure evaluation, Ten-Tec AC5 balanced antenna tuner

29 November 2023 Added RF exposure evaluation page and worksheet. All US amateurs are now required to perform this evaluation of their station under the new rules. Added a page for the Ten-Tec AC5 balanced QRP antenna tuner. In addition, I have been adding more internal and external links to my pages. This will continue […] →Read more

5 May 2023 – added Link Dipole article and more alternatives to knots

5 May 2023 – added Link Dipole article and more alternatives to knots. →Read more

26 March 2023: Added Beginners’ Corner, and Beginners’ Guide to NVIS

26 March 2023: added a new Beginners’ Corner, along with a Beginners’ Guide to NVIS. This is intended to help for those who aren’t yet ready for some of the more technical articles. I’ll be adding to it over time. →Read more

9 February 2023: Field Day updates

9 February 2023: A few updates to Field Day Antennas, including a new Beginner’s Guide to Field Day. →Read more

8 February 2023: updates to throwing buckets

8 February 2023: I updated the page on throwing buckets with two new photos of smaller “buckets”, and a suggested rope to use. →Read more

30 January 2023 – more NVIS updates

30 January 2023. I added some tables of expected vertical radiation angles to the NVIS page, as well as a plot of the relative signal strength pattern of a dipole overlaid on a map. →Read more

09 Jan 2023: Update to NVIS article, and more to come…

Now that we are recovering from an episode of “Real Life”, I’ve updated the main NVIS article with a discussion on effective ionosphere height, and the impact on vertical angle vs. distance. This supports some other work that is ongoing… →Read more

18 August 2022: added 4 videos on setting up a portable dipole

Added 4 videos to my “videos” page, and to the “dipole designs” index page. These videos show my typical methods of setting up portable dipoles. →Read more

Field Antenna Workshop on Saturday 13 August, 2022

On Saturday 13 August 2022, I am presenting a Field Antenna Workshop in Hillsboro, Oregon, for the Washington County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES®). Hillsboro is a western suburb of Portland, Oregon (airport code PDX). This workshop is open to others who are interested, although there may be some space limitations. If you are interested […] →Read more

13 June 2022: added Field Day Checklist, improved rope tensioner method.

Added a Field Day Checklist to the Field Day Antennas page. Added an improved method of using a traditional rope tensioner in the Alternatives to Knots page. →Read more