Radio Direction-Finding Antennas and Projects

This page collects various theory and projects related to Radio Direction-Finding, both antennas and other equipment.

  • Directional Antennas for RDF discusses different types of antenna systems and what factors are most important when using them for direction-finding.
  • A 2-element quad for 2m is my most common antenna for mobile transmitter hunts, and is simple to build.
  • A 3-element 2m yagi with a wood boom is my wife’s favorite for ARDF.
  • Tape measure yagis are commonly used for ARDF, where the elements can flex, then snap back into shape.
  • Arrays of yagis (or other beams) can give a sharper bearing than a single antenna.
  • Loop antennas are commonly used for RDF on HF.
  • A Bunny Hunting Primer is an introduction to transmitter hunting.
  • Body Shielding is a simple method of RDF, using just a hand-held radio. (with video)
  • Longer quad beams extends the common 2-element designs.
  • The Long Baseline Interferometer is a method of taking very accurate bearings with two simple antennas.
  • Harmonic Sniffing permits more accurate bearings with short antennas when the signal is strong.
  • 80m ARDF Receiver discussion, circuits, and links.

Radio Direction-Finding Videos

Talk on Transmitter Hunting to the Portland Amateur Radio Club meeting 9 August 2021