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last updated 28 November 2023.

I added this page because I realized that it is difficult to find all the articles on this site, especially for those who just like to browse.

This should list – and link to – every page I’ve published on They are in a reasonable organization, but because pages can be linked to from several locations, some pages may show up in unexpected places.

I am also limiting the list to those pages that I have actually published. If I include everything I plan to write in the future, it will be several times as long.

About This Site
	About Units and Accuracy
	Choosing An Antenna
	International considerations
	How to Read Antenna Articles
	about antenna names
	Change Log
        Site Map (this page!)


Antenna Philosophy

Beginner's Corner

Antenna Theory
        complex numbers
	analysis of current distribution on wire
	the importance - or Not - of Antenna  Resonance
	Loop Antenna Theory
                full wave loops
                large loops

Antenna Designs
	dipole antennas	
		the half wave dipole	
		half wave dipole length
                dipole length tables
		limited space / coil loaded dipoles
                multiband dipoles
		portable dipole kit
		backpack dipole kit
                link dipole
		dual-band dipole elements
		wideband 80m dipole
                original "fan dipole"

	loop antennas
		full wave loops (dimensions)
		large loop designs
			feeding large loops
                double loops
                bi-square antenna
		Bow-Tie Horizontal Loop
		80m horizontal loop for Field Day
		portable 200 ohm loop
                wire quad antennas
		5-element 20m portable delta loop beam
		simple 2m 2-element quad

	long / random / end-fed wires	
	vertical antennas
		understanding the quarter wave ground plane antenna
		understanding the 5/8 wave antenna
		simple VHF ground plane

        parasitic antennas
                wire yagi antennas

Antennas for different applications	
	portable antennas	
		general notes on portable antennas 
		antennas for backpacking
			feed line losses vs. height, performance
		antennas for Field Day
                        Field Day antenna selection guide
                        Field Day Wire Length Table
                        Field Day Checklist
                        A Beginner's Guide to Field Day
		Tips for portable antennas

	Antennas for QRP operation	
	Antennas for Emergency Communication
	NVIS antennas
		the AS-2259 Antenna
		Does lowering an NVIS antenna improve performance?
		end-fed wires for NVIS
                Beginner's Guide to NVIS

Antenna Construction
	measuring wire
	simple construction of wire antennas
	construction of wire loop antennas
	Masts and Antenna Supports	
		sectional masts
		Using trees as antenna supports
			About ropes		
			Useful knots	
			alternatives to knots	
		Mast Hardware and Accessories
		Winding Rope and Wire so they don’t tangle
		putting up a sectional mast	
		How to use a throwing bucket

	standard US material sizes
		SAE Screw Sizes
		US wood sizes

Antenna Measurements
        RF Exposure evaluation

Antenna Modeling

Feeding the Antenna		
	feedline data tables
        Antenna tuner efficiency and ratings
        band-switched tuner
	Unique Wire Tuner
	“Ultimate Transmatch”
        MFJ-949 antenna tuner
        MFJ-969 antenna tuner
        Ten-Tec 227 antenna tuner
        A home-made T-network antenna tuner
        Johnson Matchbox
        Ten-Tec AC5 balanced antenna tuner

Resources and Links	
	Units Conversions
	Fractional Inches
	AWG wire gauge table
	BWG / SWG wire gauge table
	Twine sizes

Radio Direction-Finding Antennas and Projects
	lath yagi
	body shielding video

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