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last updated 15 July 2022

This is a collection of ham radio antenna projects and ideas that I have used, built and/or designed over the last 50+ years, along with supporting theory and construction practices. It reflects my personal interests, particularly portable antennas, antennas for emergency communications, and for radio direction-finding. I try to give credit to other sources wherever possible, but I can’t always say what prompted a particular design or idea.

All material Copyright 2020-2022 by Dale Hunt, WB6BYU

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This site is not in any way related to Joe Carr’s Practical Antenna Handbook. But if you came here looking for it, you can search for it using the ISBN numbers for the 4th edition:

  • Print edition: 0-07-137435-3
  • eBook edition: 0-07-138931-8

Note that there is a more recent 5th edition, but I don’t have the numbers handy. However, an online search on the title should bring up plenty of copies available for sale or download. Like this one.