Antennas For Different Applications

Here we take a different approach, and look at antenna requirements and options based on the end application. Many of these will overlap, of course, and the differences may be more a matter of mechanical implementation than electrical design.

Portable Antennas might be used for Field Day, backpacking, SOTA, IOTA, DXpeditions, or use at a temporary location.

Mobile Antennas for operation while in motion.

Fixed Antennas for a relatively permanent installation.

Discrete Antennas that other people won’t notice.

Antennas for QRP Operation.

Antennas for Limited Space.

Antennas for Emergency Communications.

Multiband Antennas.

Wideband Antennas, capable of operation over a wide range of frequencies (not just on the ham bands).

Antennas for Local Contacts

Antennas for DX Contacts

Antennas for Radio Direction-Finding