Field Antenna Workshop on Saturday 13 August, 2022

On Saturday 13 August 2022, I am presenting a Field Antenna Workshop in Hillsboro, Oregon, for the Washington County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES®). Hillsboro is a western suburb of Portland, Oregon (airport code PDX).

This workshop is open to others who are interested, although there may be some space limitations. If you are interested in attending, please contact me for details via email at my callsign at ARRL dot net.

The purpose is to learn and practice various skills for putting up portable or temporary antennas “in the field”. Applications for ARES include replacement antennas in case of damage in an earthquake or windstorm; antennas for shelters, fire camps, or other temporary locations ; support for trail races or similar events; etc. Personal applications include Field Day, portable activities such as POTA or SOTA, or casual operation on vacation.

Skills will include setting up masts, throwing ropes over tree branches, ropes, knots (or alternatives), selection of portable antennas, types of masts, etc. Participants will have a chance to practice these skills, as well as examining various types of equipment.

The workshop runs from 9 AM to Noon (or so, depending on interest). We’ll start with some teaching on the various topics, then participants will have time to watch others and to practice on their own. If you need to arrive late or leave early, there should still be plenty of activity.

Hope to see you there!


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