27 October 2021: updated Backpack Antennas, added Feedline Data Tables

27 October 2021: added Feedline Data Tables for both coax and parallel-conductor line. Updated Backpack Antennas page with more information on feedlines and link to table. →Read more

25 October 2021: Added articles on ground plane antennas

Added a theory and construction articles for ground plane antennas. You can find them under Theory and Designs for vertical antennas. →Read more

9 AUG 2021: added RDF page

I have added an index page for Radio Direction-Finding (RDF), which links to antenna designs, techniques, and other projects. As always, there are lots more articles to write, but now I have a place to put them. →Read more

20 July 2021: Ready or not, here we go!

PracticalAntennas.com is now ready for public viewing. We aren’t finished, of course. There are over 100 articles in the queue still to write, many of which you will see referenced in the existing pages, and I’m adding to the list faster than I am writing new pages. But there is enough content here to be […] →Read more


After 50+ years of experimenting with ham radio antennas, it’s time to share a few notes. With 100+ topics in the queue, this may take a while. I hope to have significant content up here by the middle of 2021, but, as Robert Burns observed, “The finest schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft a-gley.” […] →Read more