25 May 2020: added Field Day Wire Length Table

Added a table of wire lengths for some common antennas to the Field Day page. →Read more

3 May 2022 – added double loops, bisquare, Johnson Matchbox

Added double loops and bisquare to the Loop Antenna Designs and Field Day Antenna Selection page, and the Johnson Matchbox to the Feeding the Antenna section. →Read more

8 March 2022 – added Field Day Antenna Selection Guide, multiband dipoles, wire yagis and quads

Along with the Field Day Antenna Selection Guide, there are new articles on multiband dipoles, wire yagis, wire quads, and wideband fan dipoles. And watch for more Field Day related articles to come soon! →Read more

10 January 2022 – added pattern plots to single-wire NVIS antennas

→Read more

9 Jan 2022 – updated NVIS and Alternatives to Knots

9 January 2022 – expanded articles on NVIS and Alternatives to Knots →Read more

2 Jan 2022 – added antenna tuner efficiency test, and more tuner descriptions

You’ll find them under “Feeding”. →Read more

28 Dec 2021: added antenna tuners and site map, updated alternatives to knots

Updates on 28 December 2020: Additions to “Alternatives to Knots”. Added descriptions of 3 different tuners under “Feeding”. Added a Site Map to the main menu, for those who want to explore the site by looking through a complete list of pages, rather than wandering through the links. →Read more

27 October 2021: updated Backpack Antennas, added Feedline Data Tables

27 October 2021: added Feedline Data Tables for both coax and parallel-conductor line. Updated Backpack Antennas page with more information on feedlines and link to table. →Read more

25 October 2021: Added articles on ground plane antennas

Added a theory and construction articles for ground plane antennas. You can find them under Theory and Designs for vertical antennas. →Read more

9 AUG 2021: added RDF page

I have added an index page for Radio Direction-Finding (RDF), which links to antenna designs, techniques, and other projects. As always, there are lots more articles to write, but now I have a place to put them. →Read more