Field Day Checklist

Last updated 14 June 2022

This is a sample list that I use for packing for Field Day. It seems like a lot of stuff, but I may be setting up antennas for 5 stations to operate simultaneously. And some operators may want to experiment with different antennas.

Every Field Day setup is different, of course, depending on the location, number of people, available trees, how far you have to carry the equipment, your operating objectives, etc. Not everything on this list will apply to you, and you will add some of your own, but it may give you some ideas to consider.

Antennas and feedlines

ready-made antennas


antenna building supplies

feedlines and such

  • smaller coax to go from antenna to ground (RG-58, RG-8X, RG-174)
  • larger coax to run across ground to station (RG-8, RG-213, RG-14, LMR-400)
  • extra shorter pieces of coax
  • barrel connectors to splice coax
  • coax switches
  • antenna tuners (with external 1 : 1 current balun for balanced lines)
  • tags or tape to label which cable goes to which antenna
  • roll of kitchen plastic wrap (temporary waterproofing of splices)
  • adaptors for different connectors
  • twinlead / ladder line as needed

test equipment

  • multimeter
  • antenna analyzer
  • SWR meters

Other items

tools and supplies

I keep a separate toolbox for Field Day, with multiple wrenches of each size need to assemble the beam antennas. The wrenches are marked with colored tape, and I put matching tape on the antenna pieces that require that size wrench. Bright colored tape or survey flagging on each tool also helps to find them when they get dropped.

  • wrenches / nut drivers (color-coded to match nuts on yagis)
  • screwdrivers (the type with removable ends can double as nut drivers)
  • hammer
  • pliers / vice grips
  • file
  • wire cutters / strippers
  • tape measure ( large and small )
  • pocket knife
  • electrical tape, duct tape, tie wraps, glue, rubber insulating tape
  • soldering iron and solder
  • extra connectors / connector crimper
  • extra Anderson Power Poles (DC connections) and crimper
  • address labels (to mark everything so I get it back afterwards)
  • spare nuts / bolts / washers / screws for anything that might get dropped
  • level / plumb bob (to get masts vertical)
  • AC power outlets / adaptors
  • electrical outlet tester
  • extra U-bolts / hose clamps / Jubilee clips / pulleys / other hardware
  • magnet (for finding metal parts dropped in the grass)
  • bright colored ribbon / tape / survey flagging for tools / safety markings

station setup

  • rig(s)
  • instructions for rigs (if others will be using them)
  • mic / keyer / paddles
  • headphones
  • headphones suitable for use with a warm hat (in cold weather)
  • headphone splitter (so others can listen)
  • external speaker
  • audio adaptors (for different types of headphone plugs, keyers, etc.)
  • scissors and sticky notes (to mark tuner settings for different bands)
  • coax patch cables
  • battery
  • DC power supply
  • power cables
  • generator
  • RF noise filter for generator
  • desk lamp (battery powered?)
  • pens / pencils / scratch paper / log sheets / dupe sheets (I’m old-fashioned)
  • flat surface to write on
  • desk clock
  • visitor chair
  • operating table
  • shelter
  • fan
  • flashlight